How to Buy a Yacht in GTA 5

In this guide, you will be able to know how to buy a Yacht in GTA 5. You have to follow a few steps explained in this guide to get a yacht. 

You will need a lot of money to buy a Yacht in GTA 5. If you have enough money, just come up to your phone and go to the Internet.

Now go to the Travel And Transport option. There are many yachts available there. To buy a genuine yacht, you have to go to the Docktease.

Now click on the banner to purchase a Yacht.  

You can modify your Yacht to give an impressive look, just through different Models, Fittings, Lightning, and Color. There are awesome lightning combos available here. You can try different combos to give it an incredible look.   

There are also different color schemes here.  

You can even change the name of your Yacht along with the flag.

After picking your favorite Model, Fitting, Lighting, Color, and combos, go to the Buy option and click on Buy Now.

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