How to Change DNS Server on Xbox Series X

In this guide, you will find how to change the DNS server on Xbox Series X. Go through the guide and follow the simple steps to change it.

  • Start from the home screen, navigate to Settings, and select the General tab.
  • Now you have to choose Network Settings and go to Advanced Settings.
Please Reload/Refresh this tab.
  • Look for DNS Settings on the left side of the screen and choose Manual in the DNS settings.
  • Enter the primary IPv4 DNS by inputting and delete any zeros.
Please Reload/Refresh this tab.
  • Move to the secondary DNS, delete zeros, and input
    These are Google’s OpenDNS servers, possibly the fastest in your area.
  • Confirm by pressing the button with three lines and check that the DNS server has changed to
    It will be visible on the main screen under DNS.
Please Reload/Refresh this tab.