How To Get Archwing Launcher Segment in Warframe

This guide will let you know how to get the Archwing launcher segment in the WarFrame game. It will provide you with different tips and tricks to get it. 

The Archwing Launcher segment is the same as the other segments that you have already installed till now. It is an upgrade to the orbiter, which will allow you to build this archwing launcher. This launcher is the item that you can easily equip to your gear wheel and use in your open world. 

This archwing is very cheap to make, and you can access it through the clan dojo. You have to head to your tenno lab at the dojo, and you can purchase the archwing launcher segment there. 

If you have joined an existing clan with all the stuff already unlocked, it will be very beneficial for you and quickly access it. 

You have to prioritize archwing launcher segment research as a new clan so that you can have the archwing launcher segment as well as the archwing Launcher itself.

This research will take about three days, and once you complete this research, you have to replicate the blueprint for fifteen thousand. Once it’s done, you have to go in your foundry and then build it as you have already seen it in the foundry on the orbiter.  

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