How to Unlock Perks in RUMBLEVERSE

This guide will show you how to unlock Perks in-game in RUMBLEVERSE. It will provide you with the easiest method to do so. 

The basics work is to deal damage to your enemies and there is a bar on the bottom right side of the screen that says zero out of 500. As you damage someone, it will level that up and when you fulfill that bar, it will unlock a perk. The more perks you unlock, the required damage to unlock will increase.

So you need to do more and more damage to unlock more and more perks.

The thing is that you can unlock up to 10 perks and have them passively equipped but you can’t bring these into combat rather you have to unlock them in the game. Go to options and you will see your perks and you can see what the perks are and what they do.

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