How to Defeat the Terror of the Depths in Tears of the Kingdom

This guide will let you know how to defeat the Terror of the Depths Frox mini-boss in Tears of the Kingdom. Go through the guide and follow all the instructions to defeat him.

To start, ensure you have the necessary equipment for this task. You will need a bow and a sufficient number of arrows. Make sure the arrows have high durability to last through the encounter. Additionally, you’ll need some bright Bloom.

The weak spot of the target you’re facing is its eye. This is the area you need to focus on during the encounter. To blind and stun the target, you can use flash bombs. These flash bombs come in the form of bright fruits. Your next step is to find the creature in the depths off to the side of Hyrule Castle. Once you spot the creature, start shooting arrows at it. Aim for its weak spot, which is its eye.
It will knock him down on the ground.

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After that, jump onto its back and start attacking and dealing damage to it. On the creature’s back, you will notice piles of ore. Destroy these piles to weaken the creature further.

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When dealing with these creatures, be cautious when they wake up from being knocked down. They become aggressive and will try to fling you off their back and mash you as they hit the ground. Another dangerous move they can perform is inhaling you. If they succeed, they will chew you up and eat you, leading to an immediate defeat.

To counter the creature’s inhaling attack, you can drop an item on the ground. This item will act as bait to distract the creature. While the creature is focused on the item you dropped, take the opportunity to deal extra damage to it.

To further incapacitate the creature and give yourself an advantage, throw a bomb on the ground near it. The creature will chew the bomb, and when it explodes, it will stun the creature, leaving it vulnerable to additional attacks.

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Once you have an opportunity, jump on the creatures’ backs. On the creatures’ back, you will find different chunks of zonite. Focus on destroying all of these zonite chunks. This action is critical for defeating the creatures.

Alternatively, when the creatures wake up and become aggressive, position yourself near their tails. The creature will try to launch you back up into the air, creating an opportunity for you to target and shoot its eyeball again, which is likely its weak spot. By either destroying the zonite chunks on their backs or using the tail launch strategy to attack their eyeball, continue the battle until the creatures are defeated.

Once the creatures are dead, they will drop various items. Gather the different zonite shards and chunks that came from the deposits on their back. Additionally, you can collect their guts, fangs, and other items they drop. The large crystallized shard will help you upgrade your batteries.

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