How To Delete Your EA Account On PC

In this guide, you will come to know how to delete your EA account either on PC or Laptop. You have to follow a few steps, and you will be able to do that, and it will help you out for sure. 

You can delete your EA account very easily and quickly. To do this, go to the browser and search for and Sign In by clicking on the top right corner of the profile icon. 

Now come up to the end of the page, and you will find a Help option there. 

Search for a delete account in the search bar. Then come up with the How can I close my EA Account option and click on it.  

 Now scroll down and click on the Contact Us option here.

Now after that, search for Origin in the search bar and then click on it.

Choose the platform that you want to. In this case, we are choosing the PC option.

Now come up to the Manage my account option.

Then you have to click on the Delete account option here.

Now you need to click on the Select contact option

Now type delete account under the Subject option and then click on the Request live chat option. 

It will lead you to the live chat. All you need to do is tell them to delete your account and help you out for sure. It is a bit tough to delete your EA account because you have to do a live chat with them; however, with other platforms, you just sign in and go to the delete account option. 

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