How To Make Soda Machine

Soda machine helps the players to have a soda of any kind. You can add any potion in the dispensers while making the Soda machine. This detailed guide will let you know how to design a Soda Machine in the Minecraft Survival game.

To make a Soda machine, use five spruce wood blocks and place 3 armor stands on the top of these wooden blocks.  And then hang an iron chest plate on each of the armor stands. 

Add smooth quartz stairs at the top of armor stands and then pistons at the top of quartz stairs in order to push them down. Use the redstone blocks to push the pistons down. 

It looks like a soda bar and now it is the time for decoration. Add spruce signs on the sides and spruce pressure plates at the top of the machine. 

Add three item frames on the front side and then add leaping, healing and luck potion on these item frames respectively. 

The next thing you need to do is to dig the surface under the soda machine and use three dispensers right under the armor stands. Add all the three potions in the dispenser to let them come out of the machine.

Add three stone buttons on the soda machine and then press any of the buttons to have a potion.

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