How to Fix Nvidia (Game Filter An Error Occurred) For CSGO

Finding a way to fix errors is something that every Counter-Strike: Global Offensive player wants to know. And error fixing is sometimes much easier if it is understood well. In this guide, you will find how to fix the Nvidia Game Filter Error for CS GO.

Step 1:

First off, you have to find the file trustedlaunch.cfg. Open your Steam, go to the library, and right-click on CS. Then go to properties, click local files, and then browse.

Step 2:

Open the Steam folder from the bar of the next window and find a folder in it named User Data by scrolling down. Select your account in this folder. Make sure which one is your folder by clicking the folders of accounts and looking for the folder named 730.

Step 3:

This number means that this account is a CS GO holder. Now open the 730 folder, click on local, and go to the folder. Now, you will find a file named trutedlaunch.cfg.

Step 4:

Go to your browser and write Notepad ++ (plus plus). You need to download the latest version and then install it.

Step 5:

An installer will open up for the installation, you need to select your language and then press Next. Tap on I Agree, Next, Next, and then Install on the windows respectively. Click Finish when it is installed.

Step 6:

Now, go back to the file trustedlaunch.cfg and open it up in Notepad ++ by right-clicking it and opening it through “Edit with Notepad ++.” Restarting your PC or laptop is another way out if you do not get this method.

A new Notepad ++ file will open with a lot of text. Press Ctrl + A to select all and delete everything from here because there is nothing of your interest. Now type SUCCESS: 0xe, then save and close it.

Step 7:

Open up your Steam again, click library, then to the CS GO, right-click, then properties, and you will find the Launch Options in General. You must type here “Allow third-party software.” The following value will unlock the game filter. Close it too. That is good to go now.

Here is a quick tip for you. Nvidia gives you a game theatre if you want to utilize that, although this setting has already been deleted. But you may have a substitute to use this setting. You can search for this substitute online.