How To Get All Infinity Stones In I Don’t Feel So Good Simulator?

To get the Time Stone, you will need to enter the building and move under the stairs.

Go to the trapdoor and type “thanos trapdoor” in the chat to open it.

Follow to the infinity stone and Click it to get the badge.

To get the Power Stone, enter in the bushes at the corner of the house, you will find a way. Walk through all the way.

When you come here, type “JOHN CENA” to open the location.

Now you gotta defeat John Cena.

After defeating him, Click the infinity stone to get the badge.

To get the Reality Stone, go to the tower that is near the corner of the playground and climb it.

Now jumps off the trees to get out of bounds.

Upon reaching the bank of the sea, you have to walk up on the stairs.

Once you arrive at this location, climb the tower and get to the stone.

Read the stone and click it to get the badge.

To get the Mind Stone, you need to enter the purple room.

Now click the buttons in the following order:

Yellow, Red, Orange, Purple, Green, Blue.

Click the stone and you’ll be teleported.

When you get teleported, look around and find a white dot that looks bigger than the others, click it to get teleported to another area.

Click it again. Now when you are here, you have to literally do what the text says.

You need to zoom in and out of your character’s head to see the hidden platforms.

Now jump on them and make your way to the stone, click it to get the badge.

To get the Space Stone, you first need to get the space helmet.

After getting the rusty helmet, go to the tower..

Go on top of the tower and enter into the hole.

After entering this place, put the helmet inside the machine by clicking and then wait for the space helmet to come out. Now you can equip the helmet.

Now go to the same location where you went to get the stone.

Once you arrive here, get to the top of this pillar.

When you’re on the top, type “come my thunder” in the chat to get teleported to an area.

Now follow the location and climb on these platforms (They are hard to see)..

Once you’re here, go right to get to the next area.

Now reach the stone by carefully walking sideways, click the stone to get the badge.


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