How to Get All Swords in King legacy

This guide will let you know how to get all swords in King legacy. It will provide you with the exact locations of particular swords and their drop chances. 

You can buy Katana for 5,000 beli from sword dealers at starter island. Tashi blade has a 10% drop chance from Tashi that you can find on the starter island.    

You can obtain shark blades from shark man at shark island. Currently, the chance is 15%. 

Pole has a 5% drop chance from rumble man that you can find on the sky island. 

Defeating the shadow master from zombie island gives you a 1% chance that he will drop this black orb. 

You need this black orb to summon the monster who drops mom blade.

You can place this black orb into the hole at the bottom side of the far-right pillar. Mom blade has a 15% drop chance. 

You can obtain pipe from a sword dealer on bubble island for 500,000 beli. 

You can buy mini mace from a sword dealer in marine ford that costs 3,000,000 beli.  

A quake woman dropped Bisento on war island, and it has a 5 % drop chance.  

If you defeat the expert swordsman, saber has a 25% chance of dropping. Expert swordsman appears every 2 hours and will de-spawn after 30 minutes.        

You don’t have to land the last hit to get rewards; you need to deal enough damage to get it. After defeating an expert swordsman, you will get 2.5 m beli and exp; if you are lucky, you will get a saber. 

You can buy triple Katana at the rocks island (between war island and starter island) for 2,500,000 beli.

And you can obtain the Anubis Axe in the new world; it is a drop from a boss called Anubis located at the dead tundra island. The axe has a 10% chance of dropping. 

You can obtain an Adventure knife from the flame user located at the Dead Tundra. The drop chance of this knife is 1%. 

And you can obtain a Hell sword from killing the King Samurai in the second sea.

He spawns every 3-4 hours inside the castle of the floresso town (flower capital). King samurai drops 2 million exp, 500k beli and five gems when killed; he also drops hell swords with a 50% drop chance.

You can obtain Authentic mace by killing kaido in skull island. 

You can summon Kaido by obtaining the dragon gem; you can obtain this from the elite skeleton with a 1/200 (0.5%) chance.   

You have to put it into a hole on top of the big skull. Authentic mace has a 10% drop chance from kaido in skull island ( second sea); he also drops 500k beli, 5m exp and five gems. 

Sunken blade is a rare tier sword that you can obtain in the new world by killing sunken vessels at loaf island. 

Its drop chance is 5%, making it a difficult sword to obtain. 

You can obtain Cookie swords in the new world by killing biscuit man in leaf island. Cookie sword has a 5% drop chance. 

You can obtain Metal trident in the new world by killing dough master (katakuri) in leaf island. Metal trident has a 1% drop chance.

You can obtain the Kioru sword by completing all the missions from the tiger on a loaf island behind the set spawn person, and buying it from him costs 25m. You need to max level to get the quest from the tiger.

You can obtain the Phoenix blade in the second sea by killing Ms. mother. Ms Mother spawns every 4-5 hours on loaf island. 

It has a 1% drop chance, making it one of the most challenging weapons to get. 

And you can obtain Pumpkin smashers in two ways. The first way of getting this hammer is by buying this candy on Halloween island.

You can find the pumpkin smasher dealer in the tallest building on this island.

You need 1500 candies to buy a pumpkin smasher from a Halloween shop. You can also get a pumpkin smasher by killing Jack O lantern, and you just need to deal enough damage to get the rewards.   

You can obtain Acroscythe and authentic triple Katana in different types of chests after you defeat the sea beast.     

Authentic Triple Katana 

Tier 1 chest : 1% drop chance 

Tier 2 chest: 10% drop chance 

Tier 3 chest: 30% drop chance 


Tier 1 chest: 0.072% drop chance 

Tier 2 chest : 1% drop chance 

Tier 3 chest : 5% drop chance

You can only obtain Dark blades from a game pass, and you can gift them to another person.  

You need 1000 Robux to obtain a night blade in a shop. You can obtain Xmas blade by defeating the boss “santa” (only available during the 2020 Christmas event special), which has a 25% drop chance.      

You can obtain Hunter blades by getting a 10m bounty.  

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