How To Make A Slime Block

Fall on the slime blocks to protect yourself from the fall damage. It also causes the players to move slower while walking on it. Slime blocks are the best way to store slime balls.

You just need slime balls to make a slime block. Please follow the following steps to make Slime Block. 

Slime Ball

In order to make a slime block, first of all you will need to find and kill slimes. Look for slimes in the swamp biomes and kill them to get at least nine slime balls. You need to be very active to kill them because they bounce a lot.

Slime Block

After collecting the slime balls you need to use the crafting table to craft a slime block. Head towards the crafting table and open up 3*3 crafting grid. Add nine slime balls in it to simply get a slime block in the right-side box of the grid. Add this slime Block in your “ready to use” stock. 

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