How To Get Dragon Claw In King Legacy?

This guide will let you know how to get the Dragon Claw in the King Piece game.

As soon as you come to the second sea AKA Land of Wand, go to the Mountain just below the top.

You will find a Dragon Claw Master there. The cost of Dragon Claw is 1.25 Million Beli.

Skill z: Dragon Claw

It makes a Rapid Claw Attack with a Good Cooldown.

Skill X: Dragon Breath

Smashes the ground and creates 2 Lava Circle, it’s like Tremor Move.

Skill C: Dragon Rush

This skill throws multiple fireballs rapidly, it’s almost like Luffy’s Gatling.

Skill V: Dragon Storm

Dragon Storm creates a fire storm and deals a lot of Damage.


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