How To Get Free Crystals And Release Demon Class

In this guide, you will come to know how to get the free crystal and release demon in Roblox Worldzero.

You will need to finish the daily quest to get the free crystal. You will need to press the letter “U” to check your daily quest.

You have to finish the first quest, and for that, it’s needed to join them by killing the world boss.

Now your first quest is completed. Let’s skip and go to the 2nd quest.

Your next quest is to Defeat 30 Golden Cobras.

The Golden Cobra is located at World 4. The fastest way on going to the Golden Cobra’s spot is by using TELEPORT (CrossRoad). After Defeating this Golden Cobra, let’s proceed to the last quest.

You will need to hunt 40 Blue Goblins on World 5. The blue goblins are located at Corrupted Lands.

This quest will take some of your time.

After finishing the last quest, you can now claim your free 25pcs and crystals. After 17 hours, the quest will be available again.

And now to release our DEMON class. All you need to get the best equipment for this Demon Class.

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