How To Get Game Breaker DLC On PC – Dead Rising 2

This guide will tell you about the Dead Rising 2: Off The Record How To Get Game Breaker DLC On PC.

1- First, click on the following link, and download the game breaker Pad mod.

2- Once the file is downloaded, right-click on it and then unzip it. Go into the extracted folder and copy the folder in it.

3- After that, go to the Dead Rising 2 directory where you have installed the game. For this, open Steam, right-click on Manage and click on browse local files. Once you are in the game location, en double-click on the data folder then go into the DLC folder and paste the folder that you copied earlier.

4- Now go back to the game’s directory and open the cream_ API.notepad. In this file add 45777 = Dead Rising 2: Off the Record Game Breaker Pack. Basically, it goes into your data file and your DLC file.

5- After that, boot up your game, then press the F1 button and you will find the game breaker DLC is installed.