Top 5 Vehicles With The Most Unique Abilities – Roblox Jailbreak

This guide will find the top five vehicles with unique abilities in Roblox Jailbreak. It will also let you know the price of these vehicles. 

Table of Contents

    The Sloop

    Price: 1,000,000$

    The Sloop is a 1M priced vehicle that only shows its ability when it has rainy weather. Once it rains, you will need to make your way to the max security prison located on the seas and sail near the broken ship. And just like that, the ship turned into its ghost form, which no other vehicle has except for the cruiser (35,000$), The Boat will become green, and special audio of Spongebob will start playing once the lightning has struck the Sloop. 

    The Sloop is one of the worst vehicles; it has the worst speed. However, you can flex this vehicle and show its awesome ability to your friends. The 1M dollar watercraft vehicle has only 1 seat, although you can still fit the whole server in one ship due to its wide shape.

    The sloop has 2 amazing abilities, including the ability to open the red bridge located near the airport. 

    The Agent 

    Price: 600,000$

    The agent is a 600,000$ priced vehicle. However, it is a retired vehicle released along with the pit maneuvering feature. It features a weapon of its own, being rocket launchers mounted on the top of the vehicle, and deals a total of 25 damage which is pretty decent. The agent has a mediocre top speed, fast Acceleration, and amazing handling, with good brakes and an overall good car. However, you cannot aim the missiles; instead, simply firing in the direction the car is facing, which is unfortunate.

    The missiles have friendly fire meaning that you cannot deal damage to your teammates. You can use it to troll others. 


    Price: 175,000$

    The FireTrick at the fire station has 2 unique abilities instead of one and has a total capacity of 2 seats. The first awesome ability is the water cannon; you can use it to douse fires caused by lightning and explosions. This vehicle is quite fast for its huge shape. It can outclass the pre-Revamped stallion in top speed (200 000$). The ladder on the firetruck is much more helpful since you can use it to reach helicopter spawns when you’re a criminal.

    The ladders are very useful; however, the feature does tend to be glitchy, and you might fall through it. Overall the top speed is incredible for such a heavy vehicle; it slightly beats the megalodon cyber truck and model 3 and has great handling.


    Price: 90,000$

    The ambulance has a total capacity of 3 seats and 3 unique features, making it one of the most awesome vehicles. Firstly, the ambulance has 2 seats and a stretcher in the rear of the vehicle, which heals players at 10 health per second. The stretcher is a unique feature and useful on a police team when in low health and risky situations. The retractable Doors’ is the next unique feature; it opens and closes by pressing the button G on your keyboard.

    The sirens’ last feature; whether you are a cop officer or a criminal, the sirens will stay less loud than other vehicles. It can be very useful since cops may think you’re a cop; in addition, when a cop pit manoeuvres you, Pit Maneuver them.

    The Tank

    Price: 1,00,000$

    The tank is a 4 seater vehicle which spawns inside the military base, its price of 1,000,000$. It can shoot Missiles; however, it costs 5,000$ for 10 Missiles and deals a hefty amount of damage which is 65 damage maximum. The tank is one of the best or best in off-Roading, outclassing the monster truck and trailblazer; however, it is slower than the free Camaro, which sucks.

    This vehicle is unique and is incredibly awesome in Trolling and losing your risk of getting arrested. It is especially awesome in trolling and losing your risk of getting arrested; shooting teammates won’t take damage to them due to friendly fire, but you can get flung away very far if you hit them correctly.

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