How to Get Golden Fish Eggs in Planet Crafter

This guide will let you know how to get Golden Fish Eggs that give 500 times the animal category and how to make fish farm from the blueprints board.

First, go to the incubator, and you will find fish eggs that have been unlocked. But there are no golden fish eggs, which is a secret.

You will need to craft fish eggs in the incubator the same as larvas, go to the blueprint board, and get two types of fish eggs from the Animal category and Biomass categories, respectively.

Then craft and unlock a water life collector, which requires silk, a bioplastic nugget, and super alloy.

After that, you have to unlock phytoplankton C.

Go to the incubator and put phytoplankton C. After that, you need mutagen T3, a regular fertilizer, and then press Research to get fish Ulani eggs.

Now go to inventory again to add phytoplankton C, a mutagen T3, fertilizer, then press Research. Do this process repeatedly, and maybe on the fifth time, you will get Golden Fish Eggs. You may get these eggs on the first or tenth try because that is how the RNG works.

Now put these golden fish eggs in an aquarium of your choice.

Afterward, go to the aquarium T2 and throw golden fish eggs there, and then they will spawn inside. Now check the percentage, and it is way better than aquarium T1.

However, there is a much better way than this, go to a fish farm, put these eggs there, and then look at the percentage which will be higher than the previous.

To unlock the fish farm, go to blueprints, unlock the water life collector under the oxygen section, and get the fish farm from the biomass category and animal section.

Putting golden fish eggs in the fish farm is suggested as it will increase animals and other categories to an epic amount.