How to Get Saber – Blox Fruits

This guide will help you to get Saber in the Blox Fruits game. First, you have to head to the jungle island, obtain the torch, and head to the desert. After that, find the hidden door, obtain the Cup and head to the frozen village to fill the cup. Finally, defeat the Boss, and claim the reward.

Head to Jungle Island

In this section, we will take you through the steps to navigate to the Jungle Island. You might need to sail or swim to reach this island.

  • Start by navigating to the Jungle Island within the Blox Fruits game world.
    As you explore Jungle Island, you’ll come across a mysterious puzzle area. It might be marked on the map.
  • Once you’ve located the puzzle, approach it to interact with it.
    This will trigger the puzzle challenge. The puzzle consists of several squares, some of which are green.
  • Your objective is to step on five specific green squares to solve the puzzle.
  • Examine the puzzle closely and locate all the green squares. Move your character to step on this square to activate them.

Obtain Torch

This section describes how to get Saber in the Blox Fruits game by obtaining Torch.

  • Once you’re in the Jungle, start exploring the various paths and look for landmarks that suggest you’re nearing the centre of the Jungle.
  • As you get closer to the centre of the Jungle, be on the lookout for a torch.
    The torch should be placed in a prominent location, making it noticeable.
  • Once you’ve located the torch, move your character closer to it to interact with it and activate the torch by interacting with it.
    This might involve pressing a specific button assigned for interactions in the game.

Head to the Desert

This section will take you through the steps to make your way to the desert. By following the steps below, you will be able to get the torch that will help you locate the objects in dark areas, including the abandoned house.

  • You have to leave the Jungle area and head towards the Desert region within the game.
  • As you explore the Desert, be attentive to landmarks and environmental cues that might guide you toward the next objective.
  • Keep an eye out for an abandoned house in the Desert area.
    This house will be your destination and key to progressing further.
  • You need to utilize the torch you obtained earlier to light up your surroundings.
  • While using the torch’s light, search the Desert until you find the abandoned house.
    The torch’s illumination should make it easier to identify the structure.
  • Once you’ve located the abandoned house, move closer to it to interact with its surroundings.

Find the Hidden door

This section describes how to find the hidden door.

  • Approach the entrance of the abandoned house located in the Desert area.
  • Once you’re inside the abandoned house, look for a door that appears to lead to another passage.
  • Move closer to the door to interact with it by pressing a specific key to interact, which is usually indicated on the screen.
    When you interact with the door, it should open and grant you access to an underground passage.

Obtain the Cup

This section explains how to obtain the cup, the head to the frozen village and fill the cup.

  • As you continue through the underground passage, look around and pay attention to your surroundings.
  • While exploring, keep an eye out for a cup that is placed within the underground passage.
  • Move closer to the cup to interact with it by pressing a specific key to pick up the cup and interact with the cup to pick it up.
    Your character should now be holding the cup in their hands.
    With the cup in your possession, it’s time to continue your journey.
  • Follow any available pathways that lead you further into the underground passage.
  • Navigate your character to the Frozen Village location.
    This might involve travelling through snowy landscapes and ice-covered terrain.
  • Once you’ve arrived at the Frozen Village, take a moment to explore the area. Look for distinctive landmarks, buildings, and structures that might stand out.
  • Within the Frozen Village, keep an eye out for a water source.
    This could be a frozen pond, a river, a well, or any other location where water is present.
  • Move your character closer to the water source. Position yourself near the edge of the water.
  • With the cup still in your possession, interact with the water source.
    This action should prompt your character to fill the cup with water from the source.

Heal the Sick Man

This section will take you through the steps to heal the sick man.

  • Begin by searching the Frozen Village for the sick man by looking for any NPCs (non-playable characters) who might appear ill or weakened.
  • Once you’ve located the sick man, move your character closer to him by positioning yourself within interacting distance so you can engage with him.
  • Activate the interaction prompt with the sick man.
    This is often done by pressing a designated key on your keyboard or controller.
    Doing so will initiate a dialogue or action with the character.
  • During the interaction, select the water-filled cup from your inventory. Choose the option that allows you to offer the cup to the sick man.
  • Understand that by offering the water-filled cup to the sick man, you’re performing a compassionate and helpful act within the game’s narrative.

Visit the Pirate Villages

This section describes how to visit the Pirate Villages after healing the sick man.

  • Use your map to make your way to the Pirate Village. Once you arrive at the Pirate Village, seek out the rich man.
    He might be located in a prominent area of the village or near a gathering spot.
    Look for an NPC with distinct features that make him stand out.
  • Position your character close to the rich man and interact with him by pressing the designated button for interactions.
    This should prompt a dialogue or action menu to appear.
  • In the action menu, look for an option that pertains to quests or missions.
    The rich man is likely to offer you a quest related to a boss encounter.
  • Select the option that allows you to accept the quest.
  • Pay attention to any information the rich man provides regarding the boss’s quest.
    He might give you details about the boss’s location, abilities, or objectives for completing the quest.
  • Once you’ve received all the necessary information, confirm your acceptance of the boss quest.
    This indicates that you’re ready to take on the challenge and defeat the boss.

Defeat the Boss

This section explains how to get Saber in the Blox Fruits game by defeating the Boss.

  • Equip yourself with the best weapons, armour, and items available to you. Make sure you’re well-prepared for combat by bringing along healing items, buffs, and any other resources that could give you an advantage.
  • Take some time to understand the boss’s abilities and attack patterns.
    This knowledge will help you anticipate their moves and respond effectively during the battle.
  • Develop a battle strategy based on the boss’s weaknesses and your strengths. Consider your character’s abilities and playstyle, and plan how you’ll engage in combat.
  • During the battle, keep moving to avoid the boss’s attacks and to position yourself for better offensive opportunities.
    Dodging and evading attacks can significantly extend your survivability.
  • Boss battles can be challenging and require focus and patience. Stay calm and composed, and don’t get discouraged if you encounter setbacks.
  • Once you’ve successfully defeated the boss, take a moment to celebrate your victory.
  • Walk up to the rich man and interact with him by pressing the designated button that initiates interactions in the game.
    This will open up a dialogue or interaction menu.
  • Select the appropriate dialogue option that indicates your intention to claim your reward for completing the boss quest.
    This might be labelled as Finish Quest or something similar.
  • After selecting the dialogue option, the rich man will respond, acknowledging your victory and offering you the reward you earned for defeating the boss.
    This could include experience points, in-game currency, items, equipment, or other valuable rewards.
  • Confirm your acceptance of the reward by interacting with the rich man again.
    This might involve pressing the interaction button once more.
  • Look for any notifications confirming that you have successfully claimed your reward.
    This may be displayed on-screen or in your quest log.

Return to the Jungle Island

In this section, we will take you through the steps to return to jungle island and unlock the Hidden door.

  • Make your way back to Jungle Island from wherever you are in the game world. Head towards the centre of Jungle Island.
  • Carry out the final task or challenge assigned to you in the Jungle Island area.
  • Make sure you have the key that you obtained from the Pirate Village after completing the boss quest.
  • Use your map, any markers, or any provided clues to find the location of the hidden door within the jungle.
  • As you reach the designated area, keep an eye out for any visual cues that indicate the presence of the hidden door.
  • When prompted, select the option to use the key you obtained from the Pirate Village boss quest.

Obtain Saber

This section explains how to get Saber in the Blox Fruits game by obtaining Saber.

  • Once the hidden door is unlocked, step through it to enter the hidden area that was previously inaccessible.
  • As you explore the hidden area, be prepared for a challenging boss battle. Locate the powerful boss that awaits within the hidden area.
  • Engage in a fierce battle with the boss, dealing damage and avoiding its attacks. As you continue the fight, focus on whittling down the boss’s health until you emerge victorious.
  • Once you successfully defeat the powerful boss, celebrate your victory.
    As a reward for your triumph, you’ll be able to claim the ultimate prize, which is the saber.
  • Make sure to pick it and collect it from wherever it appears in the game world.
  • Equip the acquired saber to your character’s inventory.
    This powerful weapon can now be used to enhance your combat abilities and take on other challenges in the game.