How To Get The Automatic Fishing Rod | Ragnarok X: Next Generation

In this brief guide, you will learn how to get the Automatic Fishing Rod in Ragnarok X: Next Generation.

To obtain this fishing rod, you will need to go to this map “prontera south gate” and find Xavier.

This is prontera south gate. After reaching here, go to Xavier. He is in the huge tree.

This is him at Fish print coin shop.

Now this is the fishing rod. You can buy this using a fish print coin but how you can get the coin.

To get the coin, you will need to do the Xavier daily quest.

The quest is all about getting 10 of any fish kind. Give it to xavier.

He will then give you a magical bait to get a rare fish and you can use it to create a fish point.

Let me catch 3 more shrimps first.

Use the magical bait. Go to xavier to get 10 fish print coins. You can do this quest again next day to finally get 20 coins and buy the auto fish rod.

Now you can finally buy that auto rod. Okay let’s try it.

Sadly this rod can’t be used infinitely, it has 100 percent energy if you use all that the rod will not work anymore.


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