Toynip Co-Op: How To Play Multiplayer

Byking created the fighting game Toynip. In this game, players must work together to defend their castle from an invasion of adorable stuffed animals. It demands players to work together to plan and strategize defences and strategically position towers to defeat the invading invaders.
Are you wandering around to start a split Screen Co-op Toynip with other players, then you have come to the right place.

Split Screen

You need to follow the steps below to play Toynip on a shared screen. 

  1. Connect your Controllers: 

Toynip requires two controllers to play. So make sure to connect two controllers to your gaming device

  1. Start the Game: 

Choose the “スタート” option from the main menu to start the game.  

  1. Choose Split-Screen Mode: 

Select split-screen mode from the options menu, allowing you to play the game with other players. 

  1. Choose Your Characters: 

Every player must select their character before starting the game.

  1. Start Playing: 

You can start playing the game once both players have chosen their characters. 

  1. Communication: 

You can use in-game chat to discuss strategies with other players.