How to Get The Gun in Hello Neighbor Alpha 4

This brief guide will show you how to get the gun in Hello Neighbor Alpha 4. You have to follow the step-by-step instructions to get the gun.  

Step 1

You first have to get some objects that are well suited for throwing something. 

Step 2

Then you have to go behind the house and stack 2 cartons. 

Step 3

After that, jump on the cartons and aim at the red switch; hold your right mouse button. If you think you have the right position, you have to release the mouse! 

Step 4

Now the door to the lift will open, but you first have to take the umbrella and then use the lift. Keep using this umbrella to fly better. 

Step 5

You can not open the door directly, so you must take one carton. 

Step 6

After that, open the door and throw the carton against the (opened) door. 

Step 7

Whenever the door is closed, you have to open the door again.

Step 8

The next thing you will need to do is take the other objects and put them away from the door.

Step 9

Look around, and you will see the gun; you can take the gun by pressing “E”.  

Step 10

You will need to click on the left mouse button to fire.

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