How To Get XMAS Blade In King Legacy?

This guide will let you know how to get the XMAS Blade in the King Piece game.

XMAS Blade is a boss drop and you will get it by killing Santa but Santa also doesn’t spawn frequently, so here is when Santa will be Spawn.


Just come between these 2 islands. On the right side is War island and on the left side it’s rocky island.

Go between them and you will reach the island. There is a 20 % chance that Sandta will replace shanks and will spawn in a stone arena.

Time to fight santa.

Tip: When Fighting Santa keep your guard up and don’t be too aggressive or too defensive or you will lose to Santa.

The XMAS Blade deals 4501 Hit Damage.


Skill: Z XMAS Slash

Damage: 22600

Like YORU in close ranges its does many cuts.

The X Present skill provides 7560 damage.Like SABER Dragon it throws a present and it explodes and deals great damage.


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