How to Kill Campers Fly Glitching in Chapter 11 – Roblox Piggy Glitches

This guide will let you know how to kill campers fly glitching in Chapter 11 – Outpost in Roblox Piggy. 

Zizzy is the best skin to push a pony. You can use different skins to push him too but it might be harder. Look at these people thinking that they are safe.

To kill them, you will need to go down here and push the pony under them. Then jump on him to the invisible block.

If someone is there on the lights, just jump onto it.

If you ask to kill that guy, you have to open the door and jump on it by humping on zizzy to kill him.

If people glitch on top of the drawers, you have to push the pony near them and jump onto it.

You will need to dance clip on this wall to get to the top.

This is super hard to do as a piggy. You have to do it back to not get pushed off by the dance like this.

When you get outside, just walk around the building to get to the person camping.

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