How to Level up Fast In One Punch Man Destiny

In this guide, you will learn how to level up fast in One Punch Man Destiny. 

You must use power control for grinding because you may deal too much damage, You should keep it at around 95% for power. Power control is 150 robux’s to buy, It’s only worth it if you have around 4Qu+str.

Finally, get started, let’s speed to Saitama !

You should quickly set the power to 95%. Only need to use one “F” move on Saitama since it’s 1:1 damage. Just sit back and wait till he de-spawns.

You may get around 15k ish levels from him. and may not get strength since max strength.

Now back to waiting again, once again around 15k levels. 

You need to have power at 100%, just delt 13.8Qu damage so that is over 9Qu limit or whatever it is, You can do 13.8Qu damage only got about 1.5k levels instead of 15k. This is one of the things that sucks being too strong. 

Back to grinding some levels and the 3rd Saitama is done now! That’s about 45k levels so far in around 4 minutes.

For this negative exp, power will be at 100% for the test.

It’s pretty funny, but it blocks most of your screen so it’s not really that good to have. Anyways, enough of this, Back to grinding and back to using 95% power.

Well, that’s the 5th one done, you have got another 15k level. So in total around 75k levels in only 8 minutes it’s quite food for grinding. 

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