Simulation is a game-genre which contains games with real world games experiences. If you haven’t tried playing simulation games yet then believe me you’re going to get addicted to them, there are different types of simulation games in the App store, from cycling stunts to real life games like Sims, there is a lot of variety in Simulation games. SImulation games are very addictive and you can easily spend hundreds of hours on them, there are thousands of Simulation games out there and sometimes it can get difficult to select the best simulation game to play, that is why we have curated this list of Underrated simulation games to play.

Game NamePlatformPriceLink
MineSweeper HDiOSFree
TV MagnateiOSFree
Assoluto RacingiOSFree
Pro Cycling SimulationiOSFree
ATC Voice – Air Traffic Control Voice RecognitioniOS$9.99
Rise Of The Star KingdomiOS$2.99
FSi RadioiOS$4.99
Battle SupremacyiOS$4.99
Basketball Agent: Manager SimiOSFree
New CascadiaiOSFree
Conway’s Game of Life 3DiOS$1.99
Everest Attack – Mountain ClimbingiOS$1.99
Playground AR: Physics SandboxiOS$2.99
Big Shot BasketballiOSFree
Nail that CoiniOS$0.99
Mayor! Mayor!iOS$2.99
Next Dollar UpiOS$1.99
CGM rc Heli Simulator LiteiOS$26.99
RC Heli ToolboxiOSFree
Runes Stones Reading & Runic FormulasiOSFree
DKM Graf SpeeiOS$2.99
SkyHeart ToweriOSFree
Call For FireiOS$1.99
Pc Architect AdvancediOS$2.99

MineSweeper HD

The game screen shows the number of cells not cleared in the top left hand corner and game duration on the right. Tapping on the game grid will reveal either an empty square or a mine. The first tap is a gamble. In this version of Minesweeper it is possible for your first tap to be on a mine. Mines are placed randomly in different positions each game. If there are no mines surrounding the cell you tap then all of these cells will also be revealed at the same time. If there is a number in a revealed cell this indicates the number of mines in the surrounding cells. You can use this information to deduce the location of the mines.


To run this app, you’ll need a Google Cardboard or a Cardboard-compatible viewer with touch button, which can help you move forward in the museum by touching the screen. View-Master Deluxe VR Viewer is recommended, you can find it in Amazon.

TV Magnate

Recruiting and cultivating the world’s most popular actor/actress, host/hostess and anchor, and making them a part of your television program. Make the fans crazy for them, allowing them to become the world’s number one super star!

Assoluto Racing

An authentic next-gen driving experience. Do you like to race, drift or just rip up the asphalt? Tune your car and do it all! This game is too good to be free! Take to the racetrack with beautiful officially licensed cars from the top manufacturers in the world. Pick from some of the premiere JDM, European or American makers and hone your skills to be #1!

Pro Cycling Simulation

It’s a simulation, where following the right wheel will take you far ! Try to stay protected from the wind, manage your efforts efficiently and unleash all your power in the final sprint … and maybe you will be #1.

ATC Voice – Air Traffic Control Voice Recognition

ATC Voice is a fast-paced, highly realistic, air traffic control game designed from the ground up for the iPad. Use your wits, spatial reasoning, and planning skills, to safely guide planes over, under, and around each other towards their destinations. Play any level using touch commands, or use modern voice recognition technology.


Malody is a cross-platform music game (Simulator) which is developed by a group of dedicated volunteers. Support variety of chart formats: osu, sm, bms, pms, mc, tja. In game editor, for creating and sharing charts. Multiplayer, for all mode.


Shredsauce is a freestyle skiing game with realistic physics. Create or select from thousands of levels, gear and grabs and show them off to your friends in Shredsauce’s online multiplayer mode.

Rise Of The Star Kingdom

Conquer the galaxy in this simple yet difficult every-move-matters turn based space strategy game. Discover, unite, and conquer 10 planets in a far off realm of space, panning across the giant Star Map. Manage your ships, send them into battle or deploy spy satellites for espionage against your opponent. Discover new homewards or expose enemy territory to your calculated advantage. Organize your forces and strengthen positions from your occupied planet within 3 moves in a single player campaign against an enemy AI opponent.

FSi Radio

The FSi Radio is an universal all in one aviation radio addon for your favorite flight simulator. It allows you to control the frequencies for the whole radio stack and it also includes DME for the IFR enthusiasts.

Battle Supremacy

Unleash the full power of your iOS device in Battle Supremacy, a WWII tank game with thrilling gameplay and showoff-worthy visuals. Explore a fully-interactive open world never before seen on mobile devices, and do it by land, air or sea.


It is a physics simulation game of football practice passes. The goal of the game is to achieve the highest number of consecutive completions. It is a game of Touch, Drag in a straight line and Release to throw the pass. The greater the angle and distance of the drawn line, the greater the height and strength will Pass. Every 7 consecutive completions you level and weather changes. At each level the receiver runs faster. When missing a pass, it will send you back to level 1.

Basketball Agent: Manager Sim

“Show me the money!” In this innovative basketball management game, you are an ambitious agent. Can you negotiate with GMs to get good contracts for your players? Do you have what it takes to handle a group of egotistical young players and shape their careers? Can you get them drafted and playing in the NBA? If you think you can make money in the murky world of modern sports, leave your morals at the door and step this way…

New Cascadia

In the option “Drive” you can drive the New Cascadia in an Augmented Reality game. Carry the load to its targets by dodging obstacles and aligning it with the mark on the ground. Every level is different! How far can you go?


The 3 times “Game of the year” pool game is now available on the iPhone and iPad for free.

Conway’s Game of Life 3D

Choose the rules of life and let the simulation commence! This app lets you experience the real power of Conway’s game of life simulation. The simulation comes alive as cells live and die according to the rules you set for them!

Everest Attack – Mountain Climbing

Battle the cold, the thin atmosphere, the wind and the snow! Do your best to avoid debilitating medical conditions! React to dramatic and dynamic weather conditions! Stay alive in the death zone! The higher you climb Mount Everest, the more points you will score! But keep your team rested and in good health. There are severe penalties for injuries.

Playground AR: Physics Sandbox

Playground AR is the next step in physics sandbox, with tons of blocks, toys and more to create and destroy with no limits. With AR placing and moving toys is easy and intuitive, you can pick them up and throw them around, freeze them in place or add joints to connect various game blocks. You will be able to create your own machines with joints, wheels and thrusters, or play with the included RC toys.

Big Shot Basketball

The greatest NBA stars all in one location-based augmented reality game. Collect iconic NBA superstars and customize your Big Shot Roster. Battle your friends and crush opponents based on real-time NBA data.

Nail that Coin

Nail that Coin (Brazilian “Preguinho”) is a game that takes us back to that time in the 70’s or 80’s when we had very little, almost no technology and yet we were able to find fun. Anything we had lying around was enough to build something that would allow us to play with friends.

Mayor! Mayor!

In “Mayor! Mayor!” you build and upgrade your cities so that they can succeed! With over 40 unique buildings, dozens of unique effects, and 10 cities to choose from, the possibilities are endless! Do you have what it takes to be a great Mayor?

Next Dollar Up

Next Dollar Up is a widely utilized special education teaching strategy for those with special needs to develop independence in money management using a whole dollar amount concept. It involves looking at an item price and rounding up to the next dollar to make the purchase.


Your own artwork comes alive and swims with you in FishyPaint! Watch hand painted fish swim among the coral in this beautiful underwater world. Add your own fish by photographing any drawing, painting, or anything you want to use as a fish. Watch it come alive and swim inside the app!

CGM rc Heli Simulator Lite

The hover flight trainer progressively enables more and more control functions in order to help beginners learn hovering from the four predefined angles. An inverted-flight trainer completes this training program. The switchable autopilot simulates the flight behavior of real helicopters with rescue systems (e.g. BEASTX Microbeast Pro-Edition).

RC Heli Toolbox

The IRCHA RC Heli Toolbox, designed by and for RC Helicopter pilots, and as everything from IRCHA it’s a courtesy of IRCHA volunteers. Designed by RC Helicopter pilots. Includes IRCHA info pages and access to the IRCHA site as well as event competition voting and Push notification of events happening inside the Jamboree to help you keep track of the Jamboree schedule. It also includes an innovative interactive head speed calculator, an Ultra High precision Pitch Gauge, a Flappy Heli Game with Apple Game Center access for Leader score tracking, a talking Flight Timer, a GPS based Altitude and speed Recorder in case you have an old iPhone that you want to strap to your heli/plane and find out what the maximum speed was or to calculate the air density for adjusting collective pitch in high altitudes, a Units Converter to help conversion between measuring units, Access to the IRCHA heli manuals directory to easily find your helicopter manuals and your tail servo speeds and frame rates.

Runes Stones Reading & Runic Formulas

You can cast Runes stones. Rune Stones Oracle on The Runes are some forms of Runes oracle stones. Runes Magic formulas and Galaxy Runes are runes advisor for Runico Magic formulas to Magic Runes Reading with Magical Runes.

DKM Graf Spee

DKM Graf Spee is a Naval Wargame. You are in charge of the Royal Navy squadron and your task is to neutralize the German Pocket Battleship. You can also pass and play with a friend, one of the player will command the German Pocket Battleship DKM Graf Spee, the opponent will be in charge of the Royal Navy Squadron.


Attract bees in this playful gardening simulator with a mission: to BeePopulate the Earth! Learn about the vital importance of bees and their role in the environment by designing a fun garden for them to pollinate. Take their picture and add them to the EncycloBeedia: your very own guidebook of neat bee facts. Plant rare flowers to entice new species of bees and watch your garden flourish! Together, we can BeePopulate our world.

SkyHeart Tower

SkyHeart Tower is where realism meets fun. This game puts you in control of one of America’s busiest airports. As an air traffic controller you are tasked with the responsibility of controlling over 100 gates and 3 busy runways. We aim to replicate the real world operations of EWR, and with confidence, we can say we have done so with over 90% being replicated in the game.

Call For Fire

This is not your typical shoot em up arcade game. Call For Fire is a training simulation built by soldiers for soldiers. It closely simulates what it is really like to call in indirect fires onto a target. The Call For Fire is based on the US JFIRE doctrine and will teach you how to coordinate artillery fire in a coalition environment. The game will enable you to learn the art of coordinating indirect fires utilizing both Grid and Polar missions.

Pc Architect Advanced

PC Architect is not just a simple “assemble your PC” simulator. This game is more in-depth than that. Here you have to earn money by winning different benchmark competitions, completing orders from people to assemble them a PC and achieving even greater results by overclocking your parts. You can buy a bigger variety of parts from e-shop but it will be more expensive to buy here than in your local shop or you can wait until those parts will arrive to your local shop. In this game there are over 400+ parts that are unlocked by progressing through a calendar. In PC Architect’s alternate universe PC building scene is taken over by Kintel, Rvidia, RMD and Ai.

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