Wizard101: List of balance spells

Damage Spells


Name Level Description
Availing Hands Any It increases your health over the course of next three rounds
up to 780%.
Balanceblade Any It adds 25% damage in the next spell.
Black Mantle Any It decreases accuracy in the next spell up to 45%.
Bladestorm Any It adds 20% extra damage capacity to all your friends who are
playing with you.
Chimera Any It causes 340% life, death, and myth Damage.
Donate Power 33 If you want to donate pips to a friend, you can do this by
using this spell.
Elemental Blade 25 It decreases damage in the next fire attack.
Elemental Defuse Any It dispels the next fire, ice and storm attacks.
Elemental Shield Any It causes 50% fire, ice and storm damage.
Elemental Spear 80 This spell has the armor piercing capacity.
Elemental Trap 15 This spell only has 1 pip, and it causes a fire, ice and storm
damage up to 25%.
Helping Hands Any It adds 490% extra health over the course of next few rounds.
Hex Any It is a damage spell and causes 30% damage.
Hydra 42 This spell inflicts 190% fire, ice and storm damage.
Judgment 28 Whenever you use this spell, it will cause 100% balance
King Artorius Any King Artorius is the best balance damage spell ever.
Locust Swarm 10 This spell causes 245-305% balance damage.
Loremaster Any This spell can cause up to 470% balance damage.
Mana Burn Any If you use this spell on a target, it will lose 3 pips.
Mander Minion Any It summons minions of balance.
Power Nova 100 It causes 470% balance damage.
Power Play 22 It gives power to your pips.
Precision Any This spell brings 10% accuracy to the next spell.
Ra 58 It causes 560-640% balance damage.
Reshuffle 20 You can use this spell to reshuffle the deck of cards.
Saber Tooth Any It causes 1000-1100 balance damage.
Samoorai Any This spell causes 460-540% balance damage.
Sandstorm 16 It causes 255-295% balance damage to all enemies.
Sap Health 25 It sacrifices minions.
Savage Pow Any It provides you balance blade as well as 500% balance damage.
Scarab 1 It causes 65-105% balance damage.
Scorpion 5 It causes 160-200% balance damage.
Spectral Blast Any This spell causes 440% fire damage, 365% ice damage, and 550%
storm damage.
Spectral Minion Any It summons minions of fire.
Spirit Blade 25 It is a collection of life, myth and damage spells.
Spirit Defuse Any It dispels next outgoing myth.
Spirit Shield Any It causes death, myth and life damage.
Spirit Spear 80 It has increased armor capacity to inflict damage in the
upcoming spells.
Spirit Trap 20 It has one pip and causes 25% death, myth and life damage.
Supernova 75 This spell only affects enemies with auras and is the
deadliest of all. It causes 535% balance damage.
Unbalance 22 This card dispels the outgoing damage spell.
Weakness 8 It causes 25% damage.
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