Rare seeds are very good way of making money, and here is how you can find rare seeds. An interesting thing about the rare seeds is that they can produce sweet jam-berry, but you can also get star-drop from these seeds. That star-drop also allows your character to evolve, which means it contains a lot of energy.

As far as I know, the only way you can get a rare seed is from a traveler card merchant, and here is how you can locate her. Anyhow, she is available only on Fridays and Sundays, right down below your farm

If you follow the path mentioned above, you can find the merchant right here.

All you have to do is talk to her, and you will find that she is selling the rare seed.

Rare seeds are expensive by the way because one pack costs 1000 gold coins. The important thing is that even though seeds are available all year long, but she will only sell it during spring and summer. It is possible that you will have to go to the merchant many times. I recommend, you keep on going every Sunday and Friday and keep on trying until you find that she is willing to sell the seeds.

The thing is, as you can see in the above picture, that you can grow rare seeds only in the fall, which is also mentioned in the description. My recommendation is that you plant them on the first day of the fall because they take 24 days to harvest. Now, that is not a problem if you have a greenhouse because, in the greenhouse, you can plant anytime you want. Right now I don’t have any sweet gem or rare seed planted; otherwise, I would have shown you its picture. I don’t have enough space to plant one in the greenhouse.

As you can see, all the space is occupied.

Here is how you can get more seeds instead of buying them. The best method for getting maximum seeds without buying them is by using the seed maker. If you have one seed, then plant it. It will grow and become a full plant after few days. Now, instead of selling it, you need to keep it preserved. The next step is, use that plant in the seed maker and after some time you will receive seeds. An interesting thing is that when you add any berry in the seed maker, you will get seeds ranging from 1 to 3. Now, even in the worst case scenario, say, if you get one seed, you won’t lose anything.

There are two possible situations here: if you sell your berry, you lose it. On the other hand, if you place it in the seed maker, and if you get 3 seeds, you lose the berry but you get much more than you would get if you would sell it. In the condition of worst case scenario – that is to say if you get one seed – I suggest you plant the seed again, maybe next time you will get three seeds.

So initially, it is a matter of planting one seed that you got from the merchant. Find some space to plant it. When you get the berry, convert it into the seeds by using seed maker, and assuming you are lucky, you will get three more seeds. Now plant these three seeds again and multiply 3 by 3, and this time you will have 9 seeds. The only problem is that if the time of the year isn’t Fall, you will have to wait for another year.

The rare seeds you are harvesting won’t always give you the same type of berries, for instance, sometimes they can be gold-like, they could be silver, or they could just be without any star, that is to say, they would be just of normal quality.

If you guys want to earn some money, and if you want to have some extra seeds, I would recommend doing something like that: the berries which have gold or silver star qualities, you can sell them for high amount of money, while on the other hand, the seeds with the normal quality can be used in the seed maker.

The prices of different berries are also different: if you sell a silver sweet jamberry, you will get 3750 gold coins for that single jam. If you sell the gold quality jam, you will get 4500 gold coins. This is a nice profit and a nice amount of money.

If you want to maximize your profit, I recommend that you make a greenhouse for you because by making it, you will be able to keep your harvest going for all year long. As is already mentioned, the rare berries only grow in fall, so if you don’t have a greenhouse, the first thing is that you will have to wait one year for the season, and when it comes, it will last only for 4 to 5 months. On the other hand, with the help of a greenhouse, you can harvest and get profit all year long.

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