How To Find The Loaded Spear

Loaded Spear is a weapon that is used to target the distant enemy sitting or standing on a particular location. Loaded separ will play an important role in the second phase of the Guardian Ape battle, you can knock the centipede out of the ape. It can even tear the weapon of some of the enemies that allow you to kill them quite easily.

Below are the steps to follow in order to obtain the Loaded Spear. 

How to find the Loaded Spear:

Go to the Ashina Castle in order to get the gate house key. You will find two men on a bridge chatting with one another. Kill both of them to obtain the gate house key. 

Head back to Ashina Castle and fly over the left castle. When you reach the other side of the left castle, you will find a huge door. Open the door and pass through it.  

Jump into the basement and exit the building through another door. You will reach the second idol. Jump over the valley and you will find a bell guy near the temple. Just kill that bell guy.

Make your way into the temple by opening the big gate with the gate house key. 

Walk straight through the gate and there will be a chest box. Open up this box and you will find Gyoubu’s Broken Horn, pick that up.

Now you have to craft the Loaded Spear with the Gyoubu’s Broken Horn. And then eliminate the enemies with lethal strikes. 

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