How To Defeat Snake Eyes Shirafuji

Snake Eyes Shirafuji is a mini boss located in the Sunken Valley. You will earn 14,427 XP without Kuro’s charm, 4,809 XP without Kuro’s charm and prayer bead as a reward after defeating her.

Follow the steps below to kill Snake Eyes Shirafuji.

How to defeat Snake Eyes Shirafuji:

Go to the Sunken Valley and wait on the mountain for some time until the boss calms down. Once the yellow triangle disappears, jump down and back stab Snake Eyes Shirafuji.

Use the combination of oil and flame to attack her. This is the best possible attack to take her down. Use the oil first and then flame to ignite her. When she sets on fire, you get a time space to slash her.

The ignite will end after a few seconds, then you need to use the same combination again. Ignite her four to five times and then strike with your sword straight into her neck to kill.

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