How To Defeat Owl The Father

Owl the Father is one of the main bosses in the Sekiro game. He is the most disgusting and annoying boss in the game. Owl the Father is located in a temple where you killed Lady Butterfly. You will get many rewards after killing him.

We have listed down the method to kill Owl the Father.

How to defeat Owl the Father:

Owl the Father has got a long sword and he is very swift in the battle arena. He can target you from a distance with his long sword.

You can use the umbrella by updating it to Suzaku’s Lotus and counter attack the Owl father with your damaging moves.

The umbrella will help you to counter the attacks of Owl the Father but it all depends on your usage. If you handle it well, it will turn out to be the most useful in the battle arena.

You must not get closed to him in order to avoid his damaging sword attacks. Attack him with the umbrella and target his neck with a knife to make him dead.

He will transform himself and come back even stronger in the second phase. And you won’t be able to cover his moves with an umbrella. You just have to avoid his attacks and play your aggressive game.

Owl the Father will blow his owl and try to hit you but you can dodge this attack by jumping around.

Dodge his attacks and then counter attack every time. And for the final attack, hit his neck with your sword to kill him one more time.

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