How To Defeat Corrupted Monk

Corrupted Monk is a mandatory boss in the Sekiro game. You will find her in the Ashina depth area. Defeat the Corrupted Monk and earn yourself some great rewards.

Below are the steps to kill the Corrupted Monk.

How to defeat Corrupted Monk:

It is very easy to kill Corrupted Monk in the first stage because of her slow reflexes. Just attack her with your sword and kill her by putting your sword straight into her face.

For the second stage, climb up the tree and attack Corrupted Monk with shinobi execution. She will be dead only with one hit.

Use your umbrella to block the attacks of Corrupted Monk in the third and the final stage. And then counter attack with the umbrella.

Keep blocking the attacks and then counter attack using the umbrella. Strike the neck to kill her one last time.

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