OSRS Ghosts Ahoy – RuneScape Guide

Ghosts Ahoy is a quest in which you help the dead villagers of Port Phasmatys to get them free from Necrovarus and reach the next world.

Rewards for Completing the Quest:

  • 2,400 prayer XP.
  • Free passage into Port Phasmatys.
  • 2 Quest points.
  • The Ectophial.


Take a ship and go to the Port Phasmatys. Wear the leather gloves and take ghostspeak amulet with you and then buy the dragon bones and pots. Buy 8 buckets of slime from the trader crew member near the ship. 

Enter into the house in the north, Velorina ghost will ask you to help in releasing them into the next world. Move into the next building and ask Necrovarus to let Velerina free but he will refuse to do so. Go up stairs and grind the bones in the grinder. 

Go to the main floor and worship the ectofuntus. Use the grinded bones and buckets of slime on it, you will get 35 ecto tokens from the ghost disciple. 

Go back to Velorina and tell her that Necrovarus refused to set you free. Then she will ask you to go to a woman in Morytania.

Teleport yourself to the location of slayer master, wear the leather gloves and pick up one nettle. Use this nettle with the bowl of water and ignite a fire with the help of logs and tinder box. Place the nettle water on the fire to make the nettle tea.

Then enter into the house of an old crone. She will demand hot nettle tea. Bring her the tea and then she will tell you that once she was the disciple of Necrovarus. Tell her that your friend Velorina wants to go into the next world. She will give you a Model ship that used to belong to her son. Click “Repair” on the ship to put the flag back on it. And she will ask you to get The Book of Haricanto, The Robes of Necrovarus, and something to translate the book.

Teleport to Fenkenstrain’s castle, go near the port and move up using the ladder to reach the top level. Search the masts and learn the colors of the flag. And then color the ship accordingly that old woman gave you.

Move down the ladder and ask an old man if this is his ship. If you colored it correctly he will say it’s his. Now ask for the key and he will give you the key. Open the chest in the room and get a piece of map.

Go down the ladder and search the chest. A Giant lobster will appear, kill that lobster. And then search the chest to get another piece of map. 

Go up the ladder again and cross the plank to reach on to the big stone. Jump on the rocks and you will find a chest at the end. Take the final map piece from this chest. 

Join three pieces to make a complete map. Teleport yourself to Port Phasmatys and buy one more bucket from the trader crewmember. Go to the ghost captain and he will take you to the dragontooth island. 

After reaching there, follow the map instructions and start digging. You will find the Book of Haricanto.

Return back to Port Phasmatys and go to Ak-Haranu, ask him for the translation book. He will demand a robin bow for this. Enter into the Inn and ask Robin hood for the longbow. He will ask you to play the game rune draw. Beat him and he will give you an oak longbow. 

Give this longbow to Ak-Haranu, he will provide you with the translation book. 

Go to Gravingas in the square and he will ask you to help him. He will give you a petition. Put on your ghost costume and go around and ask the ghosts to sign it for you. Then go back and show it to Gravingas. He will tell you to show it to Necrovarus.

Now move to Necrovarus, and he will be very angry after watching the petition. He will drop a bone key, pick that up and move upstairs, unlock the door with this key. You will find a coffin in the room, open the coffin to get Mystical robes.

Teleport to Fenkenstrain’s castle and enter into the house of an old crone. Give her all three items and she will enhance your Ghostspeak amulet.

Return back to Necrovarus and command him to give the ghosts free will to leave to the other side using your Ghostspeak amulet. He will obey your order now, bring this news to Velorina and this will end the quest.

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