How To Defeat Isshin The Sword Saint

Sword Saint is a final boss in the Sekiro game. You will find him down the tunnel at the end of the secret passage in the Ashina Castle area. Defeat him to earn great rewards.

Follow the steps down here to defeat the Sword Saint.

How to defeat Isshin the Sword Saint (the final battle):

Sword Saint comes in four stages. In the very first stage you have to attack him with the help of your sword.

You can also block his attack with your sword. He is very easy to defeat in the first stage. Just attack him multiple times and hit your sword straight into his body.

In the second stage, you are recommended to use the Divine Confetti. It will provide you some great attack buffs and turn out to be the game changer.

Sword Saint will attack you with some powerful slashes. Just stay away from his crossing slash and use the floating passage right after he finishes his slash.

Attack the red spot on his body with your sword and he will be done one more time.

In the third stage, Sword Saint will be equipped with a long spear. You can use the umbrella to block and then slash. Umbrella will help you protect from most of the attacks.

After the successful counter, you can use free floating passage to attack him.

Alway use your umbrella to block his attacks and then counter attack him. Try to reach closer and blow his neck with a deadly strike.

He will come again in the fourth and the final time. In the fourth stage, he will attack you with massive thunder slashes.

Follow the same steps again to block his attacks with an umbrella and then counter attack. Slash him multiple times.

For the final kill, put your sword straight into his chest. Sword Saint will be done and dusted this time around.

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