How To Defeat Shigekichi Of The Red Guard

Shigekichi of the Red Guard is a mini boss found in the Ashina Castle. He is an optional mini boss only recommended if you want to reach the Demon of Hatred. You will earn 25024 XP and Prayer Bead as a reward after killing him.

We have listed down the steps to kill Shigekichi of the Red Guard mini boss. You can check them out.

How to defeat Shigekichi of the Red Guard:

Active the idol at the Ashina outskirt and climb up the mountain with the help of a rope.

Take a gachiin to get yourself protected from the enemies on your way. Kill a man near the house by using the Divine Abduction.

Try to sneak away from the Assassin but if he watches you, then you need to kill him.

Kill one scout and start a fight against the Shigekichi of the Red Guard. Use the living force and abduction together, this will turn out to be a very damaging attack. And the mini boss will not be able to attack you back. Just keep attacking until he dies.

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