OSRS The Great Brain Robbery – RuneScape Guide

In The Great Brain Robbery quest, the players have to help Saradominist monks, as their Harmony Island has been taken over by the zombie pirates.

Rewards for Completing the Quest:

  • 2,000 construction XP.
  • Prayer Book.
  • 3,000 crafting XP.
  • Blessed lamp.
  • 6,000 prayer XP.
  • Barrelchest anchor. 
  • 2 Quest points.


Go to Bill Teach and he will take you to Mos Le’Harmless in his ship. Start a conversation with Brother Tranquility near the dock, ask him if he needs any help. He will tell you that their island is being taken by the zombies and they are roaming around freely. He will ask you for help and teleport you to the island Harmony.

Move towards the statue of Saradomin and pull it back to see the hidden way into the dungeon. 

Go down stairs and repair the stairs at the end of the dungeon.

After repairing, climb up the stairs and then the ladder, you will find yourself in a building. Listen to the conversation between the Sorebones and Mi-Gor through a small hole. 

Then go back following the same path under the dungeon and tell Brother Tranquility that the zombie pirates are producing sleeping gas and then they will come at you. He will ask you to get the prayer book from the Monastery.

Teleport to Edgeville Monastery and enter the room in the western corner, you will find a prayer book in the book case. Collect it. 

Return back to Brother Tranquility in Mos Le’Harmless, equip yourself with holy symbol and he will again take you to Harmony island. Recite the book to vanish out the effects of gas. Then Brother Tranquility will ask you to do the brain surgery of the monks and teleport you back to Mos Le’Harmless. Now teleport yourself to the castle of Fenkenstrain. Pass through the doors and climb up the ladder, you will find Dr. Fenkenstrain on the top floor.

Ask him if he can perform brain surgeries on the monks. Dr. Fenkenstrain will ask you to help him to exit the castle. He will tell you to go to Rufus in the food store in Canifis. Go to the food store just near the bank and ask Rufus to send a crate of meat to Mos Le’Harmless. He will agree and give you the crate parts because he doesn’t have the nails.

Move out, teleport into your house. Craft 10 wooden cats on your workbench. Take a hammer, nails, planks from the bank and go back to Dr. Fenkenstrain. Make a crate on the construction hotspot and then fill it with the wooden cats. Ask the Dr to get into the crate and blow your whistle to call Rufus. He will inspect the crate and then give you a shipping order. 

Use the shipping order to teleport the crate and go to the granary, climb down the ladder to see Dr. Fenkenstrain. He will ask you to bring a pair of brain tongs, cranial clamp, three bell jars, thirty skull staples, and a hammer for the surgery. Move out and enter into the ship near the statue. Pick fuse from the locker and kegs and tinderbox from the upper deck.

Enter into the big building by blasting the door with the help keg, fuse and tinderbox. Enter into the building and kill sore bones to obtain the required items.

Take all the items to Dr. Fenkenstrain and he will perform the brain surgery. Move up the ladder and ask Brother Tranquility that you are going to kill Mi-Gor.

Go back into the big building again, start chatting with Mi-Gor and he will call a big monster. 

Kill him and pick up the Barrelchest anchor. Go back to Brother Tranquility, tell him that you just killed the monster. This will complete the quest and you will get rewards for your effort. 

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