OSRS The Eyes of Glouphrie – RuneScape Guide

A strange device that was built in the Gnome’s stronghold was found by Brimstail. The players have to help Brimstail in activating this machine and then kill the strange mysterious creatures. 

Rewards for Completing the Quest:

  • 250 construction XP.
  • A crystal saw seed.
  • 6,000 runecraft XP.
  • 2 Quest points.
  • 2,500 woodcutting XP.
  • 12,000 magic XP.


Enter into the cave near the grand tree and start a conversation with Brimstail. He will tell you that he is studying the magic in this cave. Tell him that you are also interested in the magic. Then Brimstail will ask you to go to the next cave and examine it. 

Head towards the next cave and try to unlock the machine near the wall. And examine the crystalline bowl at the center.

Go back to Brimstail, tell him what you found and examined in the cave. Then he will ask you to go to the east of Yanille to meet Hazelmere. 

Teleport yourself there and enter into the hut of Hazelmere on a mall island. 

Hazelmere will cast a spell on you and you will be able to listen to him while he’s not moving his lips. A cut scene will occur about the Goblin Wars and Glouphrie. After this, Hazelmere will give you a crystal disc.

Go to the gnome stronghold and get a bucket of sap from the oak tree. Use pestle and mortar on the mud rune to make ground mud runes. And then use it with the bucket of sap to make magic glue. Then return back to Brimstail and give him the information that you got from Hazelmere. And give him the crystal disc. A cut scene will start in which an invisible gnome will come to destroy the machine. 

Go to the machine and try to repair it. Go to Brimstail again and take the disks from him. The machine is based on numbers and you have to insert the crystals into the machine so that they equal the number displayed. 

This will operate the machine. The cute pet of Brimstail will turn out to be an evil as a result. 

Brimstail will tell you that he saw the same creatures like this and now you have to kill each one of them. Kill the creature in the Brimstail room, one near the main entrance of gnome stronghold. And the other near the grand tree. 

Kill one creature near the battle tortoise pens and tow on the grand tree. 

Go to the main floor of the grand tree and tell King Narnode Shareen that you have killed all the spy creatures. This will end your quest. 

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