How To Defeat O’Rin Of The Water

O’Rin of the Water is a mini boss found in the Mibu Village area of the Sekiro game. She is a very tricky and challenging mini boss to counter. Kill him and you will get a heavy coin purse, breath of life, 1530 XP (NG), prayer bead, 6885 XP without Kuro’s Charm and 20656 XP without Kuro’s Charm as a reward.

Below are the steps you need to follow in order to defeat O’Rin of the Water mini boss.

How to defeat O’Rin of the Water:

O’Rin of the Water is very agile and she has got rapid attacking moves. You can try to backstab or jump on her head.

You have to protect yourself from her rapid attacks. She attacks so rapidly that you won’t be able to heal quickly. You must have knowledge about her moves in order to get protected accordingly.

You must use the Sabimaru jump step, follow up the attacker to counter O’Rin of the Water. This is a very damaging attack and it will take her head down.

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