How To Defeat Snake Eyes Shirahagi

Snake Eyes Shirahagi is a mini boss who is located in the Ashina depths area. You will earn 15,296 XP without Kuro’s Charm (NG+7) and prayer bead as a reward after killing her.

We have listed down the method to counter Snake Eyes Shirahagi.

How to defeat Snake Eyes Shirahagi:

At the start, kill two minions who are standing very close to each other.

After killing them, move forward towards the boss and attack her from the back. Then run back and wait for her to come forward.

Go a little back and check again if she is coming or not. Make sure that she reaches at the center of the pond because the center area of the pond is poisoned. Just sit back and watch her from a distance.

Attack her with the shuriken to deal some more damage. If you fall short of the shurikens, just sit and wait for the reduction of her health due to poison.

When the HP of Snake Eyes Shirahagi comes down to 1, jump down and kill her with the final blow.

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