How To Defeat Shichimen Warrior And How To Get Ceremonial Tanto

Ceremonial Tanto is a very useful item in the Sekiro game. You need to defeat Shichimen Warrior located in the Ashina Castle in order to get this item.

We have listed down the details of how to defeat Shichimen Warrior and get Ceremonial Tanto.

How to defeat Shichimen Warrior and how to get Ceremonial Tanto:

Make your way towards the Ashina castle and enter into the abandoned dungeon. Activate an idol in the dungeon.

In the stage one, use Divine Confetti and Purple Gourd to attack Shichimen Warrior.

He has got very damaging laser attacks. You must not come in line with the laser attack otherwise you will take big damage. Just avoid them by running and approach the boss for a counter attack.

Shichimen Warrior comes with a comparatively low HP and you can bring it down in few slashes.

Divine Confetti is enough to take him down quite easily.

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