How To Defeat General Tenzen Yamauchi

General Tenzen Yamauch is an optional mini boss in the Sekiro game. He is surrounded by his soldiers. You will earn a prayer bead after taking him down.

We have listed down the method to defeat General Tenzen Yamauch.

How to defeat General Tenzen Yamauchi:

General Tenzen Yamauchi is surrounded by his soldiers. You need to kill all the soldiers to reach him. Jump on the branch of a tree to take down the soldier on the roof.

Then jump down and kill the second soldier. And counter three of them near him.

Kill a total number of eight soldiers to reach out to the boss. Attack General Tenzen Yamauch with the help of Loaded Axe.

He will slash at you with his long sword. Jump in the air to avoid his attack and strike his chest for the final kill.

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