How To Defeat Great Shinobi Owl

Great Shinobi Owl is one of the bosses in the Sekiro game. He is considered as the most intimidating and disgusting boss in the game who is located in the Ashina Castle area.

We have listed down the method to defeat Great Shinobi Owl.

How to defeat Great Shinobi Owl:

Great Shinobi Owl is a very challenging and difficult boos to beat. Umbrella is highly recommended to use against him. This may be the only tool that will work against him.

Below are the steps to counter the Great Shinobi Owl.

Umbrella will protect you from the attacks of the Great Shinobi Owl. And after the block you can counter attack using the umbrella.

Just repeat it several times. Block his attacks and then counter attack. Step backward to wait for his next attack and then use the same tactic again.

Start attacking him using the word and umbrella at the same time. Repeat this attack three to four times.  And for the final blow, strike his neck with your sword.

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