OSRS Sheep Herder – RuneScape Guide

A plague is spreading in Ardougne. Councillor Halgrive needs your help to retrieve the escaped sheep and kill them to incinerate their bones.  

Rewards for Completing the Quest:

  • 3,100 coins. 
  • 4 Quest points.


Start a conversation with Councillor Halgrive. He will tell you that a plague has been spread across west Ardougne and four sheeps are escaped from the farm. 

Go to Doctor Orbon and buy a set of protective clothing from him for 100 coins.

Wear the protective suit and go to the sheep pen. Take the cattle prod from there. 

Now with the help of cattle prod, you have to take all the sheep’s back to the pen one by one. 

Then use the feed with all of the sheep to kill them. They will die and drop bones. Pick up the bones.

And then use the four bones on the incinerator.

Go back to Councillor Halgrive and tell him that you have incinerated the bones of all four sheeps, this will end your quest.

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