OSRS One Small Favour – RuneScape Guide

One Small Favour is a quest in which the players are asked to complete a favor by many characters. As you reach the character to complete a task, he will ask you for a favor. Fulfil everyone’s favor to complete the quest.  

Rewards for Completing the Quest:

  • Access to the gnome glider route to the Feldip hills. 
  • Ability to make guthix rest tea.
  • Ability to craft pot lids. 
  • 2 Quest points.
  • A steel key ring. 
  • Two experience lamps giving 10,000 XP to any skill of your choice.


Start a conversation with Yanni in the antique shop, ask him if he needs any kind of help from you. He will ask you to retrieve mahogany from a forester just outside Shilo Village.

Go to the jungle forester and ask him about the red mahogany. He will agree to give you the mahogany but you have to sharpen his axe from the captain Shank. He will give you an axe and teleport to Port Sarim now. Enter into the battle axe shop and ask Brian to sharpen the axe. He will ask you to go to Aggie the witch and ask her to be a character witness for his friend because he is really worried about his friend. 

Teleport back to Draynor village and enter into the house of Aggie, asking her to be the character witness for Brian’s friend. She will ask you to find her friend Jimmy somewhere around the old abandoned building in the east. 

Start running east and enter into the H.A.M hideout through a trapdoor in a small building. Go to Johanhus Ulsbrecht and Ask him about Jimmy and ask him if he needs any kind of favour. He will ask you to get some chicken and he will let Jimmy go free.

Exit from the hideout and enter into the Fred, the farmer’s house near the pond. Ask him for the chickens and he will reply to you to go to another farmer Seth at the farm near the river. 

Go to the farm of Seth and ask him that you need some chickens to get Jimmy free. He will reply that we need cages to transport the chickens. He will ask you to go to Horvik, the steel smith for the cages. Seth will give you three bars of steel as a payment for the cages.

Teleport to Varrock and enter into the house of Horvik, ask him about the cages. He will reply that he is ill and will not be able to work and he will ask you to bring herbal antidote and some existing pigeon cages so that he can alter them.

Move to the Apothecary and get the medicines. But he will suddenly drop the pot and the salts will be lost. Then he will ask you to bring a new pot to put more salt from the Tassie Slipcast in the Barbarian Village.

Teleport to Barbarian Village and enter into the house of Tassie, tell her that you are here to get a new pot. Tassie will reply that she has to pay the loan of a gangster Hammerspike and you have to deal with him if you want a new pot. He lived in the dwarven mines. 

Teleport to the mining guild, enter into the room of Hammerspike and tell him that Tassie sent you to have a deal with you. He will tell you that he always wanted to be a druid and will ask you to go to the druid leader Sanfew and ask him to take him. 

Teleport to Taverly, you will find Sanfew on the top floor of the herbs shop. Tell him, a dwarf wants to join the druids. He will agree but ask you to make some herbal tea for the gnome-pilot on the white wolf mountain and organize a trip to the Feldip Hills.

Boil the water and put it into a cup and then add one harralander, 2 guam leaves, and 1 marrentill in it to make a cup of tea.

Move to the top of White Wolf Mountain and give the tea to the Captain Blimadge..Then tell him about the trip that you want to organize to take Sanfew to the ogres. The Captain Blimadge will reply to you that d he wants T.R.A.S.H from Arhein in Catherby.

Teleport to camelot and ask Arhein about the T.R.A.S.H. Arhein will tell you that he can help you but you need to bring the weather report first. Go to Farsight, the Seer for the report. 

Go to the Seers’ Village and enter the house of Farsight, ask him about the weather forecast report. He will ask you to help him in finding a missing person Petra in a cave.

Teleport to the fishing guild and enter into the cave. Search the sculpture on the wall and it will give you a message. Teleport to east Ardougne and enter into the house of wizard Cromperty. Tell him about the message and he will ask you to bring some iron oxide from a merchant in Port Khazard to free the girl from the rock face.

Teleport to Port Khazard and ask Tindel Marchant about the iron oxide. He will agree to provide you with that but you have to take his old mattress down to Rantz in the Feldip Hills and ask to fill it with feathers.

Go to the eastern coast of Feldip Hills and ask Rantz to fill the mattress with feathers. Rantz will reply that he is not able to kill the chompy birds to get feathers. If you can help, he will fill the mattress with feathers.

Start running west to reach the gnome glider. Tell Gnormaduim that Rantz sent you for the help. Gnormaduim will reply that the landing lights are not working well and he will ask you to fix the lights. Search the gems and then cut, put them back in the landing lights, in the order you received them. Tell Gnormaduim that you have fixed the lights and then they will leave.

Return back to Rantz, he will fill the mattress with feathers and take the mattress to Tindel Marchant to get the iron oxide. And then go back, give the iron oxide to wizard Cromperty, he will give you an Animate Rock spell. Pick up the pigeon cage from near the bank. 

Teleport yourself to the fishing guild and enter into the cave. Go near the sculpture and read the Animated Rock spell. Suddenly a monster will appear amd you have to kill him now. 

Read the scroll again and Petra will come out of the wall sculpture. 

Return to Farsight in the Seer village and he will tell that you have rescued Petra, then ask for the weather report. He will reply that the special seer tools are not working properly. Tell him that you may help to fix the weather vane. He will ask you to go on the roof. On reaching the roof, you will find that vane is being broken. Use your hammer with the vane, and then search it. You will get all the broken parts. Go to the anvil and use the broken parts on the anvil to fix the directionals. Go on the roof again and fix the weather vane. 

Farsight will give you the weather report now. Take this report to Arhein, he will get the T.R.A.S.H. to the gnome. Then go to the Gnome pilot, he will agree to take Sanfew to Feldip Hills. Go to Sanfew, and he will agree to take the dwarf in their group. And return back to Hammerspike, tell him Sanfew has agreed on your point. But his members will start to attack you, just kill every one of them. Then Hammerspike will not demand the loan again.

Teleport to Tassi and give her the news. She will give you clay and will teach you how to make a new pot. Follow her instructions to make a pot. 

Take this pot to Apothecary and he will provide you with the salt. Then go to Horvik, and give the medicine to him. Then give him the pigeon cages and he will alter them into chicken cages. Go back to Seth and give him the chicken cages. He will give you chickens.

Go to the H.A.M. headquarters and Johanhus will agree to release Jimmy.

Go to Draynor Village and Aggie will now agree to be the character witness for Brian. Enter into the shop of Brian, he will give you the sharpened axe. Get back to the Jungle forester south and give him his axe.Return back to Yanni, and give him his logs. This will finish the quest successfully.

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