How To Find Finger Whistle

Finger Whistle is a prosthetic tool that is used to capture the attention of targeted enemies and to distract them from their groups.

We have listed down the steps, how to get the Finger Whistle.

How to find Finger Whistle:

Finger Whistle is dropped after killing the monster boss Guardian Ape. If you want to upgrade it to Mountain Echo, you need to find the Malcontent’s ring.

Head to the hidden forest, look for the revived guardian ape in the cave. Once you find him, kill with the mortal blade.

Then return back to the hidden forest and enter the cave one more time. You will find Shichimen Warrior there. Kill him with your deadly strikes and you will get Malcontent’s ring as a reward. Now you can upgrade the Finger Whistle by using Malcontent’s ring.

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