How To Defeat Guardian Ape

Guardian Ape is one of the main bosses in the game. You will find him in the arena near the Bodhisattva Valley Sculptor’s Idol.

Follow the steps below in order to defeat guardian ape using prosthetic tools.

How to defeat Guardian Ape:

Equip the flame vent and make sure you have extra emblems. Move to the location of Guardian Ape and target him with a flame vent.

Stay away from his attack and always look for the opportunity to ignite with the help of flame vents. Whenever he sets on the ground or just finishes his jump, you get a time space to use the flame vent on him. After the ignite, you can also slash him with some hits.

He will get weekend as you keep igniting and slashing at him. Then for the final attack, jump on his head and cut it down with a deadly blow using your sword.

In the second stage, you will not need the flame vents any more. Just remove it and equip your umbrella and spear. Umbrella will help you to get protected from the attacks of ape. Whenever the ape roars, you can take out your umbrella.

When he finishes the roar, try to attack him from his back. Attack him multiple times with your spear by double clicking on it. And jump again on to his neck and put your long sword straight into his neck to make him dead.

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