How To Defeat Lady Butterfly

Lady Butterfly is the first enemy boss in the Sekiro game who’s located in the Hirata Estate memories area. She has the ability to summon butterflies that’s why she’s being called Lady Butterfly. These butterflies would be out there in a big number and they would attack you. But they are not very harmful and least bothered.

You can follow the steps below to counter the Lady butterfly.

How to defeat Lady Butterfly:

Lady Butterfly is very swift in nature, she has got amazing abilities to move around the area. You should try to reach as close to her as possible and then attack her.

Attack the Lady Butterfly continuously and don’t let her fill the posture bar. She has the skills to jump in the air for a few seconds. You can use shuriken when she is in the air. 

Contine slashing to reduce her health bar. She will try to hit you with a swing kick by going up in the air that would be a very damaging move. You have to block her swing kick.

Slash her neck with your sword, she will be dead and comes back in the second phase. In this phase she can call butterflies to attack you but they are not really damaging. 

You don’t need to worry about the butterflies, just keep slashing the Lady Butterfly and put your sword straight in to her body to murder her one more time.

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