How To Defeat Guardian Ape Couple

Guardian Ape is a boss in the Sekiro game. You can reach him by passing through the caves of the mountain in the hidden jungle. There would also be a female ape out there. Kill both of them to earn great rewards.

Below are the steps to counter Guardian ape and a female ape.

How to defeat Guardian Ape Couple:

To reach the enemy boss, jump on the mountain and pass through the caves in the hidden jungle.

Once you reach there, start slashing straight away using your seapr. You can also defend his attacks using the umbrella.

Jump on to him and hit his head with a deadly blow. He will be dead if you successfully strikes the head.

Use a firecracker to stun the female ape. The guardian ape will come back again and you must be up for another fight.

You won’t be able to stun him with the firecracker now, just use your spear for the ranged attacks and then again jump on to him and blow his head away.

Female ape is very easy to counter. Use a flame vent to burn her, she will get weakened as a result. And then hit her with the final strike straight into the face.

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