How To Defeat Demon Of Hatred

Demon of Hatred is an optional boss in the Sekiro game. He is a very damaging and challenging boss who has got great skills of fire. Demon of Hatred is located near the Ashina outskirts.

We have listed down the method to defeat the Demon of Hatred.

How to defeat Demon of Hatred

Reach closer to the enemy boss and start attacking him straight away. Hit him with the four moves and then turn back to avoid his attacks.

Demon of Hatred moves so rapidly and he has very quick attacks. You can defend his attacks with the help of an umbrella.

He has the ability to hit you with the fireballs. You can avoid these fireballs by running quickly around the battle arena.

Keep one thing in mind to use the umbrella very wisely and don’t overuse it. Keep hitting him and then jump onto his big face for a lethal blow.

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