OSRS Rum Deal – RuneScape Guide

Rum deal quest revolves around the task of getting the production of rum restarted to end the ongoing protest of zombie pirates on the Braindeath Island. 

Rewards for Completing the Quest:

  • 7,000 farming. XP.
  • The Holy wrench.
  • 2 Quest points. 
  • 7,000 farming XP.
  • 7,000 prayer XP.


Start a conversation with the Pirate Pete, he will tell you about his story and ask you to find his family sword. You will agree to help in this matter. Then he will tell you that you also have to fight against a demon. 

Pirate Pete will hit you on your head and you will become unconscious. Then he will go to Captain Braindeath and you will wake up after some time. The Captain will tell you about the zombies protest just outside his rum shop. 

Captain will tell you that we need to get their captain drunk in order to end the protest and then we will shift our rum shop somewhere else.  He will give you blineweed seeds and ask you to grow the blindweed. And he will ask you to take the equipment from the basement. 

Climb down the ladder to go to the basement and get the equipment from a cupboard in the corner. Exit the building and move towards the blindweed farming patch. Put the blindweed seeds in the soil and then water it. 

The weed will grow after a few minutes, pick up the weed and go back to the captain.  He will ask you to put the blindweed in the hopper located on the upper floor. Go up and use the  blindweed on the hopper.

Go back to the captain and then he will ask you to bring a bucket of stagnant water. He will give you an empty bucket. Move out of the building and start running towards the seashore on the west. Cross the bridges and climb up the mountain to fill you bucks with stagnant water.

Follow the same path and go back, give the bucket to the captain and he will ask you to put it in the hopper. Put the water in the hopper and go to the captain again. Then he will ask you to capture 5 loads of sluglings and he will give you a fish bowl and a net. 

Go to the fishing spot near the blindweed patch and capture 5 sluglings.

Go back into the building, climb up the ladder to the top floor and put sluglings in the pressure barrel near the hopper. And then pull the lever. 

Move back to the captain and he will ask you to fix the controls with a wrench. Enter into the wester room and ask the priest Davey to bless the wrench. He will bless the wrench. 

Try to fix the control with this holy wrench and an evil spirit will suddenly appear. You have to kill him.

After killing the evil spirit, controls will be fixed and go back to the Captain. He will then ask you to kill the fever spider and take his dead corpse. Wear your slayer gloves and go down to the basement. Kill the spider and take its corpse.

Move to the top floor and put the corpse in the hopper. This will make the rum, go to the captain and he will give you a bucket to fill it with the rum from the tap. 

Exit the building and give this rum bucket to the zombies captain. He will drink a full bucket and will tell you about their boss. 

Return back to the captain and tell him that the boss of zombies is called Rabid Jack.

This will end the quest successfully and you will get rewards for your effort. 

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