How To Find Mist Raven

Mist Raven is a very useful prosthetic tool that is used to avoid the damaging attacks of the enemies. It plays a vital role in the game as it also lets you restore your position.

Follow the instructions below to obtain Mist Raven.

How to find Mist Raven (Prosthetic Tool):

Go to the third idol of the Hirata Estate, enter the river and climb up with the rope on the secret path alongside the river.

Cut the bamboo door and jump up the wall. Enter into the small house and collect Mist Raven’s Feathers from inside.

A ninja will follow you into this house, bluff him by laying on the ground so he thinks that you are dead. Once he leaves the room, run far from him and go to the Dilapidated Temple idol.

Now you can craft the Mist Raven with the help of Mist Raven’s Feathers.

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