How To Farm EXP & GOLD

Head towards the third idol of the Hirata Estate and kill four enemy soldiers. Counter 2 soldier on the bridge. You will get gold and XP on killing every one of them. Cross the bridge and murder two more.

Follow the steps below in order to get farm Gold and XP.

Then move into the down street on your left side and kill two wolves with shuriken. Kill fur guys near the wolf to get more gold and XP.

Move forward and kill two drunk soldiers near the house.

Go on the roof of a hut and kill one soldier, he will try to attack you with the fired arrows. Just dodge them and blow his face. Jump down and kill another one to earn XP and gold.

Follow the arrow and target one soldier in a small house. Murder the two guys just outside the house. But they will give you less XP and no gold.

Kill 3 soldiers and jump onto the roof of a house. Kill 3 dogs with the shuriken and then jump down the roof to kill a soldier.

Move towards the bridge and kill the last 3 enemies there. Now you have earned 1,106 Experience and 700 Gold in less than five minutes.

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